Graphic : 3D model of the EYESAT-1 aka AO-27 depicting it's polar low Earth orbit. AO-27 is a UHF transponder. ( A repeater in the sky).

AO-27 aka EYESAT-1
(Repeater in the sky)

NASA Catalog Number : 22825
Launched : Sept. 26, 1993
Orbit : Polar Low Earth Orbit
Period : 101 minutes

Amateur Payload w/ Commercial Experiment

AO-27 was launched aboard an Arianne V59 rocket from French Guiana along with 2 other satellites KITSAT-OSCAR-25 (KO-25) and ITALY-OSCAR-26 (IO-26). The satellite is a Microsat experimental satellite built by Interferometics in Virginia and the amateur equipment was constructed by AMRAD to meet the needs of amateurs for a platform to conduct digital satellite communications experiments.
The commercial side of the spacecraft's mission is experimental monitoring of mobile industrial equipment.

Note : To be able to use EYESAT-1 , an amateur radio operator must hold an FCC license of technician or higher.

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